Kickin' Asphalt Bicycle Club

Hilton Head Island, SC


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short sleeves    Our high-quality jerseys are made by Louis Garneau of very light-weight, breathable fabric. Contact Betsy McCoy at 843-342-9004 or email merchandise@kickinasphalt.info to order. The cost of either style jersey is $65.

Short Sleeve 
short sleeves    Sleeveless 
kacb sock    Socks $10 
    Water Bottle $5 
short sleeve jersey   

Order Your Bike Nameplate

Ever go on a ride and know that you have ridden with some of the people who are there, but just can’t recall their names? Well, your worries are over with KABC’s new personalized nameplates, which are patterned after those that the Savannah Coastal Bicycle Touring Club has. The tags are 2 ½ X 4 inches, have the KABC logo, and will be customized with your first name (see example). They attach underneath the back of the seat.  Cost is $15.

 Email merchandise@kickinasphalt.info for more information or to order.


Here is how to order: Orders may be made either online or via telephone. Catalogs will be sent by Lands’ End when you request one.

1. The best way to see what is available is to go to www.landsend.com/business. This will give you all of the items that normally carry a logo including casual and dress shirts, knits, outerwear, caps, duffels, attaches, totes, towels, coolers, aprons, etc.. If for some reason, you cannot find what you are looking for, you may ask if an item from the regular lands end catalog can have the logo applied. If you do this I suggest that you do this with the Lands’ End business outfitters rep on the phone.

2. Once you have decided what you want, you may call the business outfitters rep at 1-800-338-2000. I have found all of the reps (and I have spoken to a lot of them) to be very friendly and helpful. You will need to be prepared to tell them the item # and description of the item, the color etc. and most importantly, the Customer # 4539538 and the Logo # 0960289 w. Also be prepared to tell the rep of any placement preferences you might have i.e. placing the logo on the sleeve vs. the left breast etc.. Also, be prepared to let them know what color thread you want the logo in. They are very helpful with this.

3. If you choose to order on line, all of the above applies in that you must select the special instructions box and give the customer and logo numbers as well as any other instructions in this place. I would suggest that the first time you do this; you do so with a call to the rep. It is really painless. This way you will be sure to get everything correct.

4. Be sure to update your Billing and Shipping addresses when ordering via phone or internet. The default address is currently Arno's...and he might like what you ordered!

For more information contact: Betsy McCoy, e-mail  merchandise@kickinasphalt.info or phone (843) 342-9004